DevRel Unveiled: A Guide for Beginners Exploring the Path and Potential of Developer Relations Careers


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The word Devrel is coined from two words- "Developer" and "Relationship" and it was borne out of a need for the companies building developer tools to stay close to the developers utilizing their tools.

Devrel is a broad term that encompasses all strategies and activities used to build and maintain a positive relationship between an organization and developers who use their product. Unlike traditional marketing, DevRel is about creating genuine, two-way conversations, and establishing trust and loyalty.

Role of A Devrel Engineer

A Devrel engineer's responsibility cuts across product, marketing , engineering and sales and it is a multifaceted and requires a blend of technical expertise, communication skills, and a deep understanding of the developer community

The duties of a Devrel engineer vary from company to company and it is a people-facing job role. Here's an overview of the key responsibilities and contributions of a DevRel Engineer:

  1. Technical Advocacy: this requires the Devrel engineer to have a deep understanding of the product or technology they represent as well as the technical expertise to allow them to provide hands-on guidance and articulate the product features, benefits and use case to developers.

  2. Community Building: Devrel engineers actively engage with the developer via several channels and contribute to creating a vibrant and supportive community

  3. Advocacy for Developers: Devrel Engineers act as the voice of the developers to the organization. They collect feedback, suggestions, and pain points from the developer community and communicate these insights to the product teams.

  4. Education and Training: DevRel Engineers organize and conduct workshops, training sessions, and webinars to educate developers on best practices, new features, and advanced use cases. They also provide onboarding assistance to developers new to the product or tool.

  5. Public Speaking and Events: DevRel Engineers often speak at conferences, meetups, and industry events. They share insights, present case studies, and interact with developers to promote the product.

Some other roles that may be synonymous with Devrel are:

  • Community Manager

  • Developer Advocate

  • Developer Envangelist

Is DevRel the Right Career Path for You?

Determining whether Developer Relations (DevRel) is the right career path for you involves a combination of self-reflection, understanding the core aspects of DevRel roles, and considering your interests and strengths. The key things you should consider is the nature of the role, it is a customer-facing role and requires you to constantly communicate back and forth.

Building a Foundation in DevRel

For beginners eager to immerse themselves in Developer Relations (DevRel), this section serves as a guiding light to help you lay a robust foundation for a fulfilling DevRel journey.

  1. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the core principles of DevRel. Explore the nuances of technical advocacy, community building, and the pivotal role DevRel plays in bridging the gap between developers and technology.

  2. Prioritise learning with online platforms offering courses in communication skills, public speaking, and community management. As a bonus hop on to the developers forum of the platforms and see Devrel Engineers in action.

  3. Strengthen your technical foundation by diving into relevant programming languages, tools, and platforms.

  4. Share your insights, experiences, and technical knowledge through a personal blog. This not only establishes your online presence but also hones your communication skills.

  5. Reach out to experienced DevRel professionals for mentorship. Their guidance can provide valuable insights, help you navigate challenges, and accelerate your learning curve. For this, a good starting point will be DXmentoship. A cohort-based program for learning about Devrel and its intricacies


Developer Relations is a powerful and dynamic field that has the potential to transform the relationship between companies and developers. Whether you're a seasoned DevRel professional or a company looking to enhance your developer outreach, understanding the intricacies and applications of DevRel is key to fostering a thriving developer ecosystem. The end goal of Devrel is to improve product adoption and improve organization-developer relationships.

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